Canon have a rich heritage in Optical design, Sensor- and Professional Display technology for over 80 years. Canon’s mission is to deliver the best in class Imaging Solutions to their customers ranging from input to output.

Priding themselves on being pioneers in the imaging world, Canon always strive to push the boundaries of innovation. Amongst their rich heritage in Photography, Videography and Lens Technology, they’ve created multiple solutions for the B2B world ranging from hand held capture devices such as EOS Digital Photo Cameras, Cinema Cameras and Professional Camcorders to fully integrated or customized solutions  such as IR-, Ultra Low Light- or Compact Multifunctional Cameras to even IP based 4K PTZ Solutions.

However, Canon have not stopped at Capture devices. Their breadth in solutions is emphasized even more by their Native 4K Projectors, which can deliver exceptional image quality, as does their range of Professional 4K Reference Monitors.

All these solutions combined create one Canon Imaging Eco System, which can help businesses and the industry face the everyday challenges that are prevalent in today’s world.

With dedicated European-wide Sales, Marketing, Engineering- and service Support, Canon provide the world-class service expected by many businesses to ensure they can achieve the goals they want with the support they deserve.