ARATOS SYSTEMS BV is the PROVIDER of SPACE BASED DATA SOLUTIONS for defence/security organizations, governments, industries, and society. We started in 2016 in the Netherlands and we are an independent and leading member of the Greek Aratos Group (founded in 2003).

Our services/solutions

  • Geospatial services
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection services
  • Crisis & Disaster Management solutions
  • Urban Intelligence & Smart Cities services
  • Homeland Security services
  • Cyber Security solutions
  • Telecommunications solutions
  • Environmental Protection services

Relevant applications for defence and security

  1. Space data applications for defense/security : applications based on satellite
    and unmanned aircraft (drone) data in order to support activities of Operations Planning (Intelligence Battle preparation, Enemy Order-of-Battle Assessment) and Operations Deployment, Situation Awareness, Battle Damage Assessment.
  2. HAPS (High Altitude Platform Stations) application: application providing access and retrieving unique data from unmanned flying system platform operating in the stratosphere which can do surveillance of larger area (100km2) of interest, 24/7 and expected to stay airborne for a much longer period.
  3. Counter drone application: by using relevant space and sensor data and integrating mobile and stationary versions of counter drone autonomous systems capable to disable hostile UAVs, we are able to protect big areas, VIPs objects, group of stationary objects, or groups of people and/or other sensitive targets.

Platform NPVS